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fieldwork terbengkalai padahal dah nak habis sem....apelah nasib aq dpt cos nih. penat nyer...(mengeluh)...
bak kata lecturer aq, aq patut bersyukur sebab dapat cos nih sebab aq akan mengkaji alam. tul tuh....ader benda yg aq nak kongsi...


mars retrograde. aq x dpt nak huraikan makna sila bce d bwh:

“Ust Harun bin Din dlm ceramah dia, ada membaca sebuah artikel yg menceritakan bahawa dunia ni dah nak kiamat… Planet Marikh (planet ke-4 dan yang paling dekat dengan bumi) telah mengalami pusingan yang terbalik pada bulan Sept 2008 lepas. Maknanya, planet yg dekat dgnnya jugak (bumi la) akan bertukar arah pergerakan dia. Maka pada saat itu akan terjadi kejadian matahari tenggelam sebelah timur.”

From the above statement, the alleged phenomenon is actually Mars retrograde.

What is Mars Retrograde?

This is a cycle of mars where it appears Mars is transiting backwards in relationship to the earth. The planets don’t really move backwards in the solar system, but due to the current orbits, it appears so. This effects us all energetically. We all know about mercury retrograde, the planet of communication going backwards and messing up our transportation and communication.And, mars does the same thing about once every 2 years but it rules our action, our will, and how we project ourselves in the world…not to mention our sexuality. So when mars transits backwards in accordance to the earth, we feel a backwards or inward reflection of these areas.

A Mars opposition is also the time when Earth overtakes Mars in their respective orbits, which creates the Mars retrograde cycle. The Mars retrograde period of 2003 (during the close encounter) occurs from July 29, 2003 through September 27, 2003 in early sidereal Aquarius.

A retrograde period can be thought of as a time when we disengage from the previous synodic cycle and re-engage in the next to come which means it will appear to move backwards in a looping motion with respect to the background stars. The duration of this retrograde motion lasts for about 72 days, and Mars reaches its peak luminosity in the middle of this motion.

As we view the moving Venus from the more slowly moving Earth, the line of sight (i.e., where in the sky, relative to the stars, we will see Venus) reverses its motion: it is first rotating counterclockwise, then (near the fourth and fifth position) starts rotating clockwise. This corresponds to the first reversal of apparent motion. A while later (around the ninth position) it starts rotating again in a counterclockwise direction, resulting in the second reversal. The same explanation works for the outer planets, too, only now it is the Earth that overtakes the other planet.

2003 closest approach
On August 27, 2003, at 9:51:13 UT, Mars made its closest approach to Earth in nearly 60,000 years: 55,758,006 km (0.372719 AU). This occurred when Mars was one day from opposition and about three days from its perihelion, making Mars particularly easy to see from Earth. The last time it came so close is estimated to have been on September 12, 57 617 BC, the next time being in 2287. However, this record approach was only very slightly closer than other recent close approaches. For instance, the minimum distance on August 22, 1924 was 0.37285 AU, and the minimum distance on August 24, 2208 will be 0.37279 AU.

The Red Planet is getting progressively closer to Earth with each passing night, and consequently it will slowly appear to grow larger and brighter. By late August 2003, when it will be about 191 million miles closer, the reddish point of light in our night sky will appear more than six times larger and shine some 85 times brighter than it appears now.

At 5:51 a.m. EDT on Aug. 27, 2003, Mars will be within 34,646,418 miles (55,758,006 kilometers) of Earth. This will be the closest that Mars has come to our planet in nearly 60,000 years.

Mars has grown closer and brighter daily for several months, it has gradually moved easterly in relation to background stars in the pre-dawn sky. That's about to change as the red planet begins to backpedal in our sky, moving steadily westward.
Astronomers call this backward motion "retrograde." The shift comes as Mars is gradually becoming visible in the late evening, too, just in time for the historic close approach to Earth that will occur in late August.

Mars is already rising before midnight, blazing in the southeast skies like a pale red or sometimes yellowish-orange lantern.

At the beginning of this year, Mars was 191 million miles (306 million kilometers) from Earth. This week, the distance will drop to less than 40 million miles (64 million kilometers).

Mars now shines some 30 times brighter than it did on New Year's Day.
Since Jan. 1, the red planet has progressed along an easterly course through the background stars of the Zodiac. The motion is not noticeable in a single morning, but could be detected from one to the next by astute observers.

For the past few weeks, Mars has appeared to slow in its eastward trajectory, almost seeming to waver, as if it had become uncertain.

On Wednesday, July 30, that steady eastward course will come to a stop. Then, for the next two months, the planet will move backward against the star background - toward the west. On Sept. 29 it will pause again before resuming its normal eastward direction.

All the planets exhibit retrograde motion at one time or another. Ancient astronomers were unable to come up with a satisfactory explanation for it. The motion is tricky. For one thing, while behaving in this strange manner, Mars will also appear to deviate somewhat from its normal course; the retrograde motion will appear to bring it a little below its regular orbital track.
In other words, as seen from Earth, Mars will appear to travel in a loop.
Yet the Greeks staunchly believed that the Sun, Moon and planets all moved around the Earth in perfect circles. They had a great difficulty in representing and calculating this mysterious loop and for a long time they had no adequate explanation for it.

The Greeks finally explained away this anomaly by assuming that the planets moved around the Earth in smaller "epicycles" - that is, a small circle whose center moves along its main orbital circle around Earth, resulting in complex, almost coil-like curves. Unfortunately, the actual observations of the planets never seemed to fit this strange orbital mechanism, ultimately making the Greeks explanation quite useless.

It was not until the year 1543 when the great Polish astronomer, Nicolaus Copernicus (1473-1543), had his lifelong work "De revolutionibus" published, that the secret of the odd retrograde loops were finally revealed.

By demoting the Earth from its hallowed position at the center of the solar system and replacing it with the Sun, Copernicus was able to triumphantly explain the riddle of the apparent "backwards motion effect" of the planets.

It's the same effect obtained when one car passes another on the highway: both cars are going in the same direction, but one is moving more slowly. To an observer with no other reference points, as they pass, the slower car will appear to be moving backward in relation to the faster one. Copernicus simply applied the same effect (though he probably wasn't thinking of automobiles) to the planets out in space.
Right now, both Earth and Mars are moving in the same direction around the Sun, but the slower one - Mars - appears to move backwards compared to the faster one, the Earth.

This backward motion will manifest itself after Mars arrives at its first stationary point on July 30. Mars will then begin to loop back toward the west. Earth will overtake Mars on Aug. 28.

Finally, on Sept. 29, the combined movements of Earth and Mars will cancel-out the apparent backward motion, with Mars reaching a second stationary point. From then on, Mars will loop back to the east, resuming its normal path among the stars.

When is Mars Retrograde happening?

Mars began to slow down the week of November 15th as it hits 12 degrees Cancer and move backwards. Mars goes direct at 24 degrees Gemini on January 30th and returns to 12 Cancer on April 4th. Things start moving ahead at the direct period but really, the issues we went through come to resolution at the direct period come April.

How does Mars retrograde affect us?
• New projects and plans initiated now are likely to stall or not develop as expected.
• Our energy level will be lower.
• Accidents and arguments from impulsive actions and unrecognized anger will flare.
• Health problems from stress that’s internalized are also much more likely during this time.

Think of capping a volcano and sending the energy back into the Earth— that’s what happens to each of us during this part of Mars’ cycle. That’s why some folks will explode with frustration and make very poor decisions and moves now, responding with violence and anger instead of patience and dialogue.

Things don’t go as fast as we want them to during Mars retrograde. The better use of this time is to wait, plan and accept compromises. Delays and detours may turn out to be valuable, as you discover something of worth along the way. This is an excellent time to go back over recent developments in your life with the aim of reviewing your goals and methods— significant adjustments made now can improve your chances in the future. This is the time to germinate seeds, and to work out the details and actions of something that will begin (be planted) after the retrograde period ends. Mars represents strength— and this is time to gather your strength, and reinforce your position, rather than burn up your reserves.
Anything new that is postponed during Mars retrograde is probably for the better. Everyone will have less energy to work with during this period of time; remember that when you demand service or conditions to change immediately.
Slow down and resist gambling on first time relationships and situations as the odds are poor that you will succeed or be satisfied from such in the long run. Aries and Scorpio birthsigns, ruled by Mars, especially. Keep your guns holstered and wait for Mars to resume direct motion. Times will change.

Discussion about mars retrograde:

1) From : zayed,

It known as Retrograde Illusion. Sunrise from the west on Mars is not correct (according to theory). It is one reason Illusi earth rotates faster than Mars. About the hadith, it is true. It just, for associate alquran / hadith with science, we should be careful. Science is only changed from time to time, I still have not. Why I say so? Year 2003, lunar eclipse occurred in the month of Ramadhan. busy people say that the hadith Imam Al-Mahdi will appear. Associated with daraqutni narrated the hadith. if the event is passed, nothing happened. when nothing happened, manusia2 will refer back to hadith. "Before your hadith said like this, but now nothing happen.Your hadith is wrong." the effect is very large. As a result, more people avoid hadith2. while takwilan is not true. So, berhati2 for an associate with alquran or hadith.

what if it relly happens? Al-Mighty Allah knows best. we should prepare themselves for even considering we do not see tanda2nya. probably tomorrow or the day after tomorrow, we returned to Rahmatullah.

p/s: please refer to the last page to read the original text.

2) From : salam321, ?forumID=13186&name=Islam&catID=5&mode=

Get ready, be prepared.... Please read, very interesting article. The science of astronomy states that the speed of planet Mars has been decreasing in its course toward the eastern direction in the few past weeks to the level we notice the "waver" between the east and the west..and on Wednesday the 30th of July the planet movement stopped going toward the eastern direction.. Then in the months of August and September...Mars changed its course in the opposite direction to the West- and that until the end of September..which means the sun will rise now from the west on Mars!! And this weird phenomena of the opposite movement called "Retrograde Motion" Most scientist state that all the planets will go through the same once at least and our planet Earth is one of them. Planet Earth will move in the opposite direction some day and the sun will rise from the west!! This might occur soon and we are unaware! The rise of the sun from the west is mentioned in the hadith and this is the major sign of the day of judgment, most if not All, the minor signs have occured. Wake up. Our beloved messenger Mohamed (Peace Be Upon Him) said: "One of the signs of the hour..the sun will rise from the west, where no longer tauba (forgiveness) will be granted" !! And the strange thing..most of our Shariah scholars mentioned that the rise of the sun from the west occurs only once..on that day..the sun will rise from the west..then again from the east..and continues until Allah wishes..and this is similar to what is happening to stops, then it changes its course of direction for a short period of time..then returns to way once it was. And Abdullah Bin Amro (R.A.) said: (I memorized from the messenger (SAW) a hadith I will never forget..I heard the messenger of Allah (SAW) say: The first ayat to come the rise of the sun from the west) [Ahmad] And the messenger SAW "Allah (SWT) places HIS hand at night to forgive his morning sinners, and places in the morning to forgive his night sinners until the sun rises from the west" [Muslim] This piece of news is very important as it brings with it a great sign of warning and remembrance of the coming of a new WORLD - the world of the Hereafter When we show this hadith that was told 1400 years ago about this will see InshaALLAH, a lot will rivert to right path...And the muslims if they see this phenomena happening in Mars..who knows maybe it would bring them closer to our CREATOR. May Allah keep all of us in the Right path and provide us with success in this world as well as in the hereafter. Try to be a good human......... Specially, help others and be aware of not making any harm...

his weird phenomena of the opposite movement is called "Retrograde motion".

3) From : whalers, forum_posts.asp?TID=1793&PN=3
Most scientists state that all the planets will go through the same motion at least once. And our planet Earth is one of them. Planet Earth will move in the opposite direction some day and the sun will rise in the west (This is a new scientific 'fact' for me! So if I understand you correctly: If we call the current earthly rotation around its axis 'forward' then some day in the future it will rotate 'backwards'? I understand that you were not referring to the axial rotation of the earth, but, you see, the sun will still come up in the east even when the whole earth circulates in the opposite direction around the sun! Therefore, surely you could not have meant the movement of the earth around the sun! Of course you have some references to this scientific fact that I am currently not aware of)

Our beloved messenger Mohamad (pbuh) said: "One of the signs of the hour...the sun will rise form the west....."

it is actually one of my astomony assigment that i think, i should tell u all. because it is related with with islam. KIAMAT SUDAH DEKAT. you can see more discussions about it from the web that i;ve mention above.

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